The Economics and Ethics of  Healthy Employee Engagement and Well-Being

Organizations  continue to struggle with low employee engagement and thus are missing  opportunities to capitalize on the real innovative power that exists  within their firms.  Contributing to the low engagement  state are Leaders that create toxic environments that in extreme cases  drive employees to seek medical care.  These cases are  producing negative financial and human impacts within and outside of the  organizations and is an ethical issue that needs to be addressed.

​According  to the results of a 2011-2012 world-wide Gallup survey, “The bulk of  employees worldwide -- 63% -- are "not engaged," meaning they lack  motivation and are less likely to invest discretionary effort in  organizational goals or outcomes.” (Crabtree, 2013)  A recent “poll of  almost three thousand people reported that nearly half of employees  reported missing time at work from work-related stress, 61% said that  workplace stress had made them physically sick, and 7% said they had  been hospitalized because of workplace stress and its physiological  effects.” (Pfeffer, 2018). 

OSI is focused on reversing this disturbing trend and building healthy employee engagement.