About Dale


As  a practitioner scholar, Dr. Dale E. Hartz, bridges the worlds of  practice and academia.  In addition to being the CEO/CLO of OSI, he  works in academia as an Assistant Professor of Management at Barry University in Miami, FL.   Dale is also the Executive Director of Better Future Facilitators, a  501c3 nonprofit organization that works with high potential homeless  people to enable them to start businesses and become social  entrepreneurs.

Dale's corporate  background includes nearly 10 years with a multi-billion dollar global  industrial manufacturer and 15 years in the franchising industry.  His  educational background includes a Bachelor of Arts dual degree in  Management and Marketing from Walsh University, a Master of Science  degree in Positive Organization Development from Case Western Reserve  University, and a Doctorate in Management from Case Western Reserve  University.  His current research focus is on Human Transformation,  Healthy Engagement, and Triple Bottom Line Leadership:

- Leadership influences on healthy employee engagement and well-being
- Sustainable business models and strategies that utilize triple bottom line methodology
- Collaborations between private sector organizations, NGOs, and governmental organizations to benefit diverse stakeholders and  solve social issues

According to Dale, best of all, he has an amazing partner in everything he does, his perfect wife Karen!