Transforming Classic SME Training Programs into Learning Programs

Over  50 billion dollars are spent annually in the U.S. on training  programs.  Unfortunately, organizations often fail to generate the  results they need with their training initiatives.  Below are several  strategies that we employ to transform classic training programs into  learning programs that increase Understanding, Retention, & Behavior  Change.

Backward Design:   start with the end in mind and define what learners should understand  and how they should be assessed prior to designing curriculum,  activities, and delivery methods.

Learning Coaches:  develop Subject Matter Expert (SME) trainers into Learning Coaches.   SMEs replace their classic unidirectional presentation approach (e.g.  death by PowerPoint) with an interactive, multi-method approach.  As  Learning Coaches they are continually asking themselves, “What is the  level of understanding of my learners?” and adapting as appropriate.

Flipped Classrooms: valuable  time is often consumed teaching talented associates the basics of a new  process.  By using a flipped classroom methodology, learners are  responsible for learning the basics on their own through various  activities (e.g. video/e-learning/etc.) and the classroom time is no  longer used for classic training of the basics, but for workshops/labs  where deeper learning can occur.